October 9th, 2003



Saw that again, after over 25 years, and alas, I find I empathise much more with the short-a-ticket protagonist than I did the first time around! Whatever happened to Bruno S, anyway? Poor fucker...Well, he did get his 15 minutes, at least, so I guess he's better off than the likes of me. Mumble, blather...



Spam of the Day: 'Privately Masturbate gjqwzor!' ...I don't even wanna think about it-
Poor Iain Duncan Smith, you can just hear how hard he must have been rehearsing,just to sound as eejity as ever... Evidently the audience was signalled violently every time they were supposed to stand and ovate. Who'd be a politician, anyway? Talk about yer unstoppable dancing chickens...

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