September 29th, 2003


Belgrade Book?

Despite having no money (has it stopped me so far?) I went seeking some kind of guide to Belgrade, etc. There doesn't seem to be one. You can get the Lonely Planet Guide to Eastern Europe,which looks very interesting, but has only a few pages on Serbia, and costs £16...I thought, well, I'll get a wee street map anyway, and they cost £8. No way, Jose! Hmm,I can see that I should publish a pauper's guide to Belgrade. I can actually see it becoming a 'happening' place in the future.Ever since I fell in love with (sigh-)Prague, I've reckoned that Eastern Europe is the way to go...
Oh feck, Pete got evicted from Fame Academy Saturday! Silly boy, he shouldnae have: A) started snogging that manipulative bimbo Carolynne, B) gone all prima-donnaish and back-sassed the Exercise Man, C) Got so full of himself. Leetle fool- Alex is The One, anyway.
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    KUHINJA Again...Gettin' in the Serbian Swing!