September 23rd, 2003



Against all odds, I seem to be bound for the GRRR! Comics Convention in Belgrade, 17-19 October;
I have just been asked to bring as many examples as possible of the products of UK small-press and self-published cartoonists to be exhibited for the delectation of toon-hungry Serbian artyfolk. If you want your work to be admired in the Balkans,(and who wouldn't?) the organisers are looking for up to 4 pages from each artist, originals appreciated, or very clear copies, and a short ( one or two paragraphs-) CV.
Samples of your minis,ashcans, whatever- would also be great-
Please send by 5 October to:
L Kennedy
58 Durrington Tower
Wandsworth Rd, London SW8 3LF

(SAEs would be greatly appreciated!)
Also requested are any comic-related trading cards for an exhibit. They may not be returned, as they might be kept on display, so don't send any you really,really want...
May good karma rain upon all those who contribute to this worthy event!

You can find out more about GRRR! in Chris Lanier's fascinating illustrated report on last year's meeting in COMICS JOURNAL 251
You can see the venue and details of last year's programme here:
GRRR!'s founding father , by the way, is Sasa Rakezic,(aka Alexandar Zograf)well-known Serbian visionary cartoonist and journalist, who visited CAPTION back in '97:
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