September 16th, 2003


Indian Summer Sucks

This weather is messing me up seriously. Oh well, I know some deluded souls enjoy it, but I'm uptight enough without sweating like a horse, too.
I'm still all frelled and fretful about Serbia, but it looks as though I'm actually going, thanks to the kindness of all concerned. I just hope it's nice and chilly, before I do 43 hours on a coach! I fancy it, though.
There's bugger all on TV and nothing particularly interesting in the video shop that I haven't seen, so I ended up with THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE, which is probably no great shakes, solely because Kevin Spacey is in it...We shall see; any diversion from serious thought has gotta be good.
Eww, David Blaine is lying slouched in his box like Guy the Gorilla, with his trews unzipped.It must be starting to get pretty rank in there, actually! I do feel sorry for him,now. I don't suppose he was expecting it to be so ridiculously warm. They should have used tinted perspex.
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