August 8th, 2003


A Running River..

...and I can only wish it was of harmless merriment. I'm pouring with sweat, as quickly as I can wipe it away. I've never seen anything like this. I wasn't sweating so much on Wednesday, and that was officially the hottest so far.
I had one of those cheap self-assembly wardrobes (plastic fabric-stuff) in the bedroom. It has fallen unfixably apart, with a lot of alarming noise. The new fan has conked out.Does not respond to tinkering. I am unhappy.
CHICAGO is terrific.Totally entertaining. I even liked CZJ. Just what I needed in my torpid misery.
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The Eye, Etc....

I'm really incapble of anything but watching TV at present...
I was quite taken with THE EYE, a softcentred spookfest, rather moving at times, about a blind girl whose sight-restoring op brings some visions she hadn't counted on. It has elements of THE SIXTH SENSE, but is way better.It's also quite unsettling. One or two moments really creeped me out.
As for RING, the Hollywood remake. Yeah, OK,fine, but why? I'm still puzzled/intrigued by all these almost frame for frame recreations of recent films. They put me in mind of that weird copy of PSYCHO, a few years ago. It may be very well done, but it's a bit pointless, IMO.