July 20th, 2003


Meme Time...

Create-Your-Own League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
(Lifted from minitrog )
1. Choose five to seven characters
2. They may be from books, movies, comics, TV shows, games, and real life--no traditional superheroes, though
3. They may be from any place on the space-time continuum, and any plane of existence--characters do not need to exist within the same era and country as in the original
4. You must identify the recruiter, the leader, and the villain, and there must be at least one female
5. Optional: You may identify their primary means of transport (like Nemo's Nautilus)

Endless possiblities,of course: first to spring to my mind are-
Vllain: Lestat
Recruiter: Captain Ahab
Leader: Harry Percy (Hotspur)
Team: Spike, Lord Fanny, Spock, Vasquez(ALIENS),Xena, Tarzan, Kai (LEXX)
Transport: Herbie puling a capacious camper van.
Of course, they'll probaby klll each other before getting anywhere near Lestat. Well, except for already-officially-dead Kai and Spike...
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Bothersome Tune...

Anybody know what the music is for that TV ad where the monster-couple and their dog-children come steaming out of the mall and become human, as they de-stress in their Citroen? It bugs me all the time.