July 17th, 2003


A Simple Soul...

I Am The Sex Toy:

G-Spot Vibrator: Simple and to the point. I know how you like it and thats how I do it. Not much else to say about myself.

Find out what sex toy you are.

LIDL was ecstasy this morning. Another notebook, some nice A4 folders, sketchbook, new glue stick, felt tips, and a nice tray of watercolours; dirt cheap.(Drool spirals from lower lip...)
Saw TROUBLE EVERY DAY, which was fairly unsettling...Kind of like an explicit CAT PEOPLE; two veterans of strange, ungodly 'libido' experiments evolve inevitably into blood-lapping cannibal sex killers. The actors involved, Vincent Gallo and Beatrice Dalle, both have a seemingly genuine 'something of the night' vibe, (I wouldn't care to meet either of them up the proverbial dark alley, in RL...) which enhances the creep factor. Very nicely filmed, too.
I also caught HEART OF GLASS, at long last, and it is, indeed, extremely peculiar. I'd forgotten about the cast being hypnotised, which certainly adds a very odd quality to the proceedings. I was going into a sort of fuge state myself, watching it. It's quite beautiful in its mentalist way, though. I like old Herzog.
Some more about Werner Herzog. (He the Man!):
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