July 1st, 2003


Wasted Day...

Feeling extremely feeble today, for some reason...Did the launderette thing, and popped into the junk shop next door, where I got nearly-new copies of the BUFFY MONSTER GUDE, and WATCHER'S GUIDE 2, for dirt cheap. Neat! I don't feel at all creative, which is boring, and I'm pissed off that I was so lame as to let the heat put me off all the interesting COMICA stuff at the ICA.It would be so embarrassing, though, to pass out/ have sneezing fit & nosebleed/ asthma attack, blah blah. No excuse, I know (Kicks self around block wheezily.)
Saw 28 DAYS LATER...Really pretty formulaic zombie-type thing, but so well done it was definitely worth a watch. The early scenes in deserted London were particularly excellent, as many before me have reported. I did wonder about the bloke coming out of a month-long coma,following head injuries, and just being able to get right up and go strolling from St Thomas' to Tottenham Court Rd, through all the wrecked cars and carnage and stuff, then get into nimble 'Infected'-fleeing and fighting mode for the duration, with no further problems, but then, I suppose his adrenalin would have been really pumping...
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