June 26th, 2003



It's FAR too hot.
Random odd thougts that flicker through the haze of filthy humidity...
The statue of King Charles at Trafalgar Square is a grand piece, and it always gives me pleasure to look at it. The lovely horse, especially, with its particularly delightful balls (best viewed from sitting on a bus-).
When I was working,and dismally on my way to my cell, if I caught sight of the horse's balls, it would always cheer me up for a second.
I was looking at a mailout from Page 45 http://www.page45.couk.com/ , and it mentioned the fact that Jim Woodring http://www.jimwoodring.com/ used to do you a free 'Jiva' portrait, if you sent him a photo. I did, and I have one hanging in the toilet. I have a big purple garlic-bulbish thing on top, shooting rays, and a little red ball on the bottom, also radiating. I wonder if it's worth anything...not that I'd part with it, and after all, it's my soul, innit?
Too hot to go to bed last night, so I sat up watching HUMAN TRAFFIC, all about stoned youths being fucked up. Not a masterpiece, but rather sweet, and very true-to-life...I'm far too old to have been involved in the 'Aceed' scene, but I was around for the original Summer of Love, and it was not so different... http://www.popmatters.com/film/reviews/h/human-traffic.html
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