June 18th, 2003



How many times I've been told I'm "a gay man in a woman's body" (by gay men-) I don't know, and here they go again! Just call me Roger.

You are The Cabin Boy

You, me lad, are an activist! You will not only change the world, you will make a dyed-in-the-wool Pirate dream of you in a sheep costume. You are the embodiment of the love that dare not hoist its sail! Ahoy thar! You could make a two-patch Pirate turn his head - but then he would lose sleep over it and what good would that do anyone? An innovator, you are WAY ahead of your time - and everyone else's. You are sensitive and artsy-fartsy. You say things like, "artsy-fartsy" but there is always a slight giggle in your voice when you say it - like Paul Lynde on Hollywood Squares delivering a staggering punch line. Speaking of "punching" the only "punching" you would do is punching up that outfit with some accessories - say, a little bandana and some glass beads. You're not the Pirate we want in a fight, but we want you there for the crying game that follows! You go, girl.

What's Yer Inner Pirate?
brought to you by The Official Talk Like A Pirate Web Site. Arrrrr!

Left the sodding laundry for a 'service', 'cos it was just too damn humid to sit in that hole, and dragged my arse to the West End to check out the BP Portrait awards. http://www.npg.org.uk/live/bparch.asp -Duller than usual, I thought, but I did enjoy the sketches made on the Trans-Siberian Express by the winners of the Travel Award. (Hey, I need one of those...)
Bought Eddie Cambell's EGOMANIA to read the Alan Moore interview, and there are a lot of cool sketches of gargoyles and such, too.
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