June 7th, 2003


Fuck My Old Boot!

In addition to my rapidly-deteriorating, unfixable broken chair, my sputtering PC, dead-for-no-discernible reason scanner AND printer (just when I...whimper...need them most), my bloody fan and almost-new DVD player stubbornly refuse to do anything but mutely mock me. What IS this? Why am I cursed? This is no good.
And furthermore...that IRREVERSIBLE film is hardly shocking at all. I paid £2.50 to be grossed out and infuriated, man!
I still think Gaspar Noe is a major sicko talent. His previous film SEUL CONTRE TOUT, (whose frightening protagonist makes a cameo appearance in IRREVERSIBLE),really did disturb me, but somehow the characters is this one don't draw you in quite enough to be that shocked by the gruesome ultra-violence they suffer and perpetrate.I don't think telling the story backwards really works in this instance, either. That said, it's still pretty strong stuff, with a long scene of buggery and GBH, and very nasty moment when fire extinguisher meets head, repeatedly. Not nice.
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    Verdi: RIGOLETTO..."Vendetta!"


Well, in order to have any chance at all of meeting a possible one, I'd have to go back to the US. (NO way, Jose-)and work my way through 19,993,845 singe men between 45-65. Just as well I'm married to the telly,now. Wotta load of nonsense...
...Not to mention the fact that any soulmate of mine has got to be a dangerous head case!