May 27th, 2003


Mud Flat Musings...

I'm still totally enchanted by the Mark Dion cabinet of Thames detritus in Tate Modern...
I'm completely amazed at my own idiocy, though. I generally visit 'the old Tate' 3-4 times a year, at least, and when I was in my slavejob, used to pass by it every day...Yet, I have no memory at all of having seen the cabinet there, and perhaps only the very vaguest, of the marquees set up outside a few years ago, where people could actually grope through the muck and get involved. Why am I an eejit, God? What was I thinking about while not noticing such neat stuff?
Wish I knew what was the matter with this damn pc, and all. I have to really bear down on the keys, and even then, the keyboard just seems to stick so that letters don't show up. I can find no reason for this, and it's infuriating, as I'm such a slow, rubbish typist at the best of times.
Watched FARAWAY SO CLOSE again, the other night, to give it another chance, as I was disappointed the first time, and 'cos Udo Samel is in it for about two minutes. I did like it better the second time, but it doesn't quite hit the spot. It really turns me on when they're hanging out on the giant Victory statue, though. I used to 'see' angels a lot as a kid, and they were usually sitting around kinda casual, in precarious places, like that...Sometimes I still sort of think they're there...I hope 'mine' is realy the longhaired blond who used to visit me back then, kind of a more refined version of Sean Bean.MMmmm... I used to see woman and kid angels, too, although the nuns always told us they were sexless. (Well, they would, wouldn't they? )
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