May 21st, 2003


More Tate Modern

I'm really obsessed with it at the moment. Its very gigantism just does something to me...Can't say I care much for(-the 'Rocky' self-punching marathon guy-)Paul McCarthy's 'Blockhead',though. I saw them inflating it last week, and it doesn't look any better now; just plain ugly. On the other hand, his smaller 'Daddies Bighead' does kinda have something appealing about it (Uh...It does look a bit like an arty alien dildo, and is a fetching shade of pink...)Evidently it was inspired by a 'Daddies' bottle; can just imagine artrist scoffing his egg & chips, getting sudden light-bulb moment. "Yes! I shall make a giant mutated inflatable version of this very sauce bottle-"
Must say my fave rave of the day (level 3-) was Mark Dion's huge display cabinet of everything he and his team dug out of the Thames mud nearby!... Drawers full of crockery patchwork, the expected old coins, nails, etc., some bottled messages, a weird old jointed clay doll, very numinous, a plastic 'Taz', a Rune stone(X=Giving), and a surprising number of coconuts!
I see proper LJ colour schemes have returned as miraculously as they changed. How odd was that?
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