May 14th, 2003


? Maybe So...

Take the Which Madonna Video Are You? Quiz

My knowledge of the oeuvre of Madonna actully has a lot of gaps, including this, but it looks kinda nice.
Still feeling soul-destroyed after yesteday,and have to take Wotan to be checked this afternoon. AOL is still giving me gyp, and I think there may be some problem with the keyboard, too, causing me to produce even more typos than usual. Everything about my pc actually seems unbelievably slow and -sticky. Me no like.
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    Roy Orbison: CRYING

Calcium Levels..

Wotan was producing some realy unusual coloratura yowls on the way to the vet. (He has quite a large vocal repetoire, actually.)Poor little sod had to sit in the waiting room with three big dogs snorting at his carrier, too. This man had the most gigantic Doberman I've ever seen, although he maintained it was 'only average'-sized; feet like saucers-
Anyway, he's gained more weight, and his levels are normal, so he's off medication, and if he's still OK in a fortnight,that will be 'it' for a while,thank the gods.
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    Bessie Smith:ST LOUIS BLUES (singin' along...)