May 10th, 2003


Funny Sort Of Day...

Trying to get some drawing done, but mainly I've been faffing with the new AOL upgrade. As usual, I'm all in a fluster, and keep having problems connecting, etc. When you think of all the computer classes I've sat through, you'd think I'd be slightly more adept at manipulating settings, etc. I've been trying all week to do a 'screen capture' in vain, and all. Really quite sad.
AOL 8 is considerably less hideous than 7, at least, and you can do more infantile things with your email, etc.
Horrible stories in the paper today, about people going mad with SARS fear in China, and killing all pet animals. Christ. Worse than the cat-and-dog fur stuff yesterday. Then,there's the one about all the poor sods getting sucked out of an airplane that only made pg 22 of the Times - due to the victims being non-Euros, I guess. Cripes, what a way to go...
Yesterday's bus-train kaboom was pitifully ironic, and all, as most of the poor German casualties were low-income types who had won the trip in a competition; sort of thing that would happen to me...
Er-yes, I'm still particularly morbid of mood; likely to remain so until after my medical assessment Wednesday. And after that there'll be the waiting in terror for weeks for the letter that tells me my fate.
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