May 2nd, 2003


Sweet Jelly Roll...

THERE'S A WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN' GOING ON!!! from the folks who brought you the fat girl flea market...
JIGGLE-O, celebrating everything that jiggles, wiggles, and wobbles! a fattastic International No Diet Day party for queer fat folk and our friends. Check out night club sensations Murray Hill and The World Famous *BOB*; Danielle Abrams, the performance artist who can rock your world just by staring at the wall; Susan Stinson, author of Fat Girl Dances with Rocks and Martha Moody; on-stage kissing booth; and more! Help raise money to support the National Organization for Lesbians of SizE (see for more info.)
Monday, May 5, 2003, performance starting at 8:00pm at Galapagos Art Space: 70 North 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211. Take the L Train to Bedford Ave. (1st stop in Brooklyn),exit on N. 7th and walk down one block to N. 6th, take a right and walk 2 1/2 blocks over between Wythe and Kent on the left side. $10, more if you can/less if you can't. e-mail for more info.

...Must say this looks tempting, for any chubs & chasers around Brooklyn, NY this weekend! I'm actually rather in the mood to have my world rocked this morning, but I guess I'd better just go to the launderette, and try to get some more drawing and stuff done, before I collapse back into my usual desperate puddle of angsty SillyPutty.
Speaking of (male)cute & cuddlies:
is a potentially really cool tribute site. I tried submitting a few of my own, but I don't know when/if she's going to be adding... Perhaps I should do my own page... Just for starters, we have Crais ( especially with his hair loose-squee-) and Rygel from FARSCAPE, Messers Welles, Domingo, Samel, Goodman(already posted),Brando...I really better not get into this at the moment, if I want to(sigh-)wash and dry my 'winter' duvet, and get it stashed away. then hoover, then do 'ART'
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