April 28th, 2003




Mine is so spot-on, it's pleasingly creepy. I'd like to use it as an icon, but can't copy it, due to idiocy. Crumbs...
I am trying to work, actually, I really, really am...

-But I can waste just a little more time...
Hm, perhaps I should stalk the shperical, baldy, brilliantly talented Udo Samel, as we have a 97% chance of getting it on... The radiantly beautiful Michael McManus, on the other hand, is only a 52%, whereas I guess I'd better just stop having those perverted thoughts about (26%) Allison Hannigan. The gods obviously don't approve; and Kevin Spacey and I would 'both have to put a lot of work into it' (snerkle-that could be interesting-) to get anywhere with that rather feeble 48%. Guess, I gotta relocate to Germany-
What,'this site has no serious intention whatever'!? Arse!

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    Edith Piaf: LA VIE EN ROSE

Done It...

Pathetic as it is, I feel quite pleased with myself...FINALLY completed the tiny strip for the Serbian mag, for which I won't even get paid...but I have sort-of conquered depression for today.
Watching that PICNIC film made me feel a bit more cheerful, too. At least I didn't have to be an adult in that horrendous period. Being a man would have been hideous enough, but if I'd been forced to live as a 50's woman, I think I'd have killed myself for sure... I was a bit like the little swot girl who maintained that when she grew up, she'd never get married, and would spend her time writing novels that would 'shock everyone to the core', while the adults looked on indulgently, knowing that of course, she'd really Fall In Love, forget such folly, and become a drunken pill-popping trapped housewife. Well, I didn't, har har- became a destitute nutter instead.(Still a much better deal, I reckon!)
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    PICNIC Theme from Film on TV. God, those horrid 50's!