April 20th, 2003


MMMmmm...Vanilla Diet Coke!

Yet another new taste sensation emerges to make one's little life worthwhile! Oddly, I don't think they've ever done a 'diet' Cherry Coke in the UK, which is stupid of them.
Somewhat troubled by major mental hardon for travel aggravated by recent Brussels frisk. There was a whole 'cheap breaks' supplement in yesterday's TIMES, which I've saved to dribble incontinently over.
In my dream last night Bob Dylan was looking for me with some kind of 'offer'. I was looking out at a shop floor or something from an office above, and saw him coming. 'Oh God,Oh Jesus, wottami gonna say/do?' thoughts whirled sickeningly round my fevered brain; woke up. Whew!
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    'The Committments': TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS