April 17th, 2003


Bah! HOT Again!

And you can taste that pollution. I've been coughing and wheezing like crazy. Gotta admit, though, that is a beautiful blue sky.
I got the photos from Brussels, which are not very good, being taken by me, but I got a couple of decent ones of Mannekin Pis and his anti-war friends, and the underside of the Atomium. Also got one of Hazel looking annoyingly slender, sitting with a statue of a local literary luminary unknown to me.
The Association of Illustrators has a small free exhibit at the Mall Gallery until next week; I really enjoyed it.
There was one strip-like study of work-evasion called 'Are You Imploding?', which I'd buy if I had money for such things.Sadly, I can't remember the artist, but it's cool. There were a lot that I liked...
As for Beck's Futures...I really do kinda like Francis Upritchard, but the moaning mummy, ('Save Yourself') wasn't twitching at all, just lying there looking crap, with his glass eyeball. Whoever did the vocals deserves a pat on the back, though. Ms.U says she asked a male friend to make a tape of appropriate mummy noises, expecting 'Something Scooby-Doo-ish, but it's come out sort of sexual...' Eh? Nobody I've 'Known', then - Whatever, it's hilarious, and he also does giggles and hums. I liked the canopic jars made out of teapots and stuff, too. The thing just tickles me. Everything else is pretty blah. Honourable mention to David Sherry pretending to sew balsa wood soles to his feet, just for sheer dumbness. Another piece, where he stood in the street dressed (badly) as a woman, being abused by passers-by, is accompanied by a scrawled description, with many mis-spellings, of what went on. About time I complained that the yoof of today are practically illiterate, and don't seem to care. Little jerks.
I actually sat and watched all 32 minutes of 'Now That I'm In Heaven' by Alan Currall, in which he reads out all his possessions , who he's 'leaving' them to, and why. Not particularly big, clever, or funny, but I had a flash that he would probably win. Nah, surely not ? ...
Lucy Skaer has piles of prints of her photos laid out, so I took the one with the scorpion and the diamond, which I found most interesting of the lot.
One rather spooky moment-an ordinary-looking young woman sat down next to me to look at the short film of Bernd Behr climbing awkwardly on gateposts (all that's left of the building where Yves Klein did 'Leap Into The Void'). She laughed uproariously, and sat there watching this dumb snippet several times, guffawing all the while. I found this somehow very unsettling. Wonder if it was a conceptual piece?
After all this, I foolishly went to ASDA to get some bits in for the weekend, and it was chokka with hideous wailing brats and demented , bushy-nostrilled people causing rucks at the till. Busses were running about once an hour, too... Fie.
Think I'll check out ANGEL, haven't been keeping up with the goings-on.
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