April 16th, 2003



Any computer-savvy types know what it means, if anything, when your pc clock keeps losing time? Mine's about 20 minutes slow, now.
Wotan put up a good fight today, clawed a hole in my 'Toadily Awesome' T-Shirt, escaped, and hid under the bed, etc... With Renate's help, I got him in the end, and he yodelled loudly all the way there.
Thankfully, his readings are all good, again, and now he doesn't have to go back for a month!
Ohh, I don't like how hot it is. Argh...Of course I know how much pleasure it brings to others-(but fuck that!) I think I'm going to have to get some videos out for the 'holiday' weekend. There's nothing good on, and I need to have the DONNIE DARKO experience.

My nose is still sore, and my mouth all putrid (no matter how many times you brush and gargle, there's that -urrrgh- hung over taste, feel, and no doubt, smell... When I was at the vet's it was very busy, and one of the nurses was obviously rough; just soldiering on 'cos it was so crowded. The old geezer with the Peke, sitting next to me, obviously had a case, too. Boy if I get it again, I'll be well peeved. I do not recommend this lurghy.
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...When mentioning other LJers in a post, how do you get the lil' 'head ' link to appear, anyhow?
HV reminds me that yesterday was the 41st birthday of unfeasably beautiful thesp Michael McManus. Squeeeeee... He's catching up, although I'm still old enough to be his (gymslip) mum.