April 15th, 2003


I Don't Belieeeeve It!...

Wotan has just done some sort of malevolent Cat Magic with his bum and irretrievably erased my whole heartrending entry, all about how I'm still bloody ill, but had to crawl to the supermarket, and have to haul him to the vet tomorrow, and the boiler man didn't bloody come, and all that.
Anyway, I did want to make note of the lovely packet sent to me by Suzanne Marsden in Ottawa. She's involved in a very entertaining zine, ABRAXIAS' DREAM, and is herself a good cartoonist and cat fan.
She also sent issues 1-5 of her friend Troy Little's noirish serial, CHUAROSCURO: nice crisp line work, a certain Eddie Cambellish quality in the environments, a bit of manga in the characters' features, and a certain Bob Fingerman 'thing' that I can't quite place. Very attractive.
Suzanne also kindly sent the CD I am now listening to, which is soothing and slithery and doing me the world of good. (Early Christian Womens' Chants of the Middle East - Cool, really!) Many many thanks...
Oh btw, if anybody gets a huge long 'comment' from me, with all grumping about the flu, and bad language about the boiler man, it is Wotan's fault. I can't figure out what happened to that entry...?...
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