April 12th, 2003


Bleary & Sniffy...

Bah, I can't get shot of this cold. My nose has been pouring forth all day, and my eyes are all squinty and blurry, and the SNEEZING...
I set off really early for the Institut Francais panel,like about 1:30. I still ended up 15 minutes late. That journey 'should' take anout 20 minutes...
I missed most of Glen Dakin, of course, and the other two artists, though interesting, spoke mostly French, and pretty rapido, at that. Paul Gravett ,moderating,kept drifting into French himself. Boy, I wish I'd held on to my school/college French. It was crap, in that I never could speak proper, but I used to be able to more or less follow a film, with the odd glance at the subtitles, or a talk like this one. God, my brain is all crumbly... The IF is very nice, bright and comfy inside-except for the chairs both in the auditorium and the cafe, which show no mercy at all to the corporeally humungous. I spent the best part of two hours balancing painfully on one buttock.
Met jinty, mdzt, and charliedisaster,(Thanx for the coffee,guys-) and then another slow journey home. Just as well I'd set the recorder for BUFFY. Now I'm even more bunged up. I know I've got a Vicks Inhaler around, somewhere... Oh yeah, the Institut Francais has a whole Comic Weekend coming up in May, and there's an all-gurlz panel with Posy, Kate Charlesworth and Ellen Forney among those involved. Looks like I may be compelled to endure some more intense bum-cramming. (Er-into the wee seats, I mean...)
Oh, btw, Jinty, Dave Cooper is the artist I was trying to think of, with the penchant for very painstaking renderings of oozy bodily products, etc. He's done the cover for Issue 2 of Sturgeon White Moss
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