February 2nd, 2003



Saw an incredibly gross film last night, SEUL CONTRE TOUS by Gaspar Noe, who's also responsible for the currently controversial IRREVERSIBLE. This is definitely one of the nastiest things I've ever witnessed, and plonks you right inside the head of this half-mad, ignorant, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, incestuous homicidal weirdo. The very scariest thing is, that at times, you find yourself quite relating to his bitterly deluded internal monologues! Hideous as it is, it's definitely some kind of masterpiece, although the director himself admits it might be best avoided by depressives like me...
Whatever it is, it's an experience....
Another alarming sight on TV last night was the uncanny-looking David Gest, consort/puppetmaster to the increasingly manic Liza Minelli, calling upon the assembled B-listers at some BBC award show I surfed into to pray for the exploded Columbia astronauts. Like, vomitrocious.
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