January 29th, 2003


Covetousness Update


This seems to be the only homepage I have left that hasn't been rudely deleted, so I've updated it a bit, for any rich patrons who are trawling about for a poor sod whose life to change for the better, here I am, needy as hell! Book tokens always welcome, too! Actually, I was amazed to recieve one for my birthday from a friend I used to toil in the bowels of the old Bermans & Nathans, (Camden Town), with. She was a bit of a tearaway,then, and was always crashing with me, cadging , having breakdowns and involving me in her dramas, etc. Now she's quite proper and prosperous and I'm a charity case.Sigh...still, very nice that she remembers me; I'm grateful...but how did I come to this? Think positive, Lee - 'An artist is never poor'...BTW, that's a line from BABETTE'S FEAST, which I saw some years ago, and found rather dull and worthy. There was nothing else on, over the weekend, so I thought I'd re-visit it for a while,to see if it still bored me. Well, I still found the calf's head, quails and turtle heading for the table pretty sickening, but I also found myself in sentimental floods. Never fails to surprise me just how much difference your mood makes to the viewing of certain films.
I'm all of a fluster waiting for Renate to come and help me get Wotan to the vet, ergo excessive inane solipcising. Basta-
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Collapse of Sout Party...

919th Nervous breakdown, comin' right up! I've had to leave Wotan at the vet. He hadn't gained any weight, and his thyroid was still uncontrolled. As he would have to be knocked out for the dental work, anyway,it seemed the most prudent option to have the thyroid removed at the same time, and save the risk of anaesthetising him again, later. If all goes well, I should be able to bring him home tomorrow night or Friday.
I've done the lying on the floor laughing and crying and raging at fate, and am now working on my first cigarette since '9/11'...Waaaaah-
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