January 18th, 2003


Rude Stuff...|lang_de&ie=UTF-8
...In watching THE SOPRANOS with moderate obsessiveness,(the Carmela/Furio thing is ultra-Phwoar!...) I've become nostalgic about Italian-American slang expressions I often heard emanating from friends and colleagues. Usually, I didn't know what they meant, but a lot of them turned out to be amusing and/or dirty, and I incorporated them.I haven't really used any in years, but they are quite handy additions to one's vocabulary of colloquialisms and obscenities. The URL above is rather good. Try a few...
Va fangule!... Go fuck yerself!
Puzzi...Stench, shittiness
Stugotz...Oh yeah, so what?,etc.
Sfacime...(Well rude;the late Paula Yates was evidently familiar with this one-) Sperm of the Devil.
Ubatz...Crazy, demented.
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