January 14th, 2003


Operatic Beefcake...

Can never understand people not finding opera ultra-erotic. Just watched a 20-year-old production of ERNANI with three testosterone-radiant opera babes in their prime; Placido Domingo, Renato Bruson and (squeeee...) Nicolai Ghiaurov.(God, that man can smoulder...) All that and Verdi, too. Whooo!
If anyone wants to see some haiku about William Shatner, you may seek it here. http://www.shatnerology.com/shatnerhaiku.html I found some of them really amusing, but of course, I do have this infantile sense of humour. My favourite so far:
The torn tan shirt thrusts
In gyrating green women
Sweaty toupee falls
...On the news, I just saw the Queen in trousers. Cool!
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