January 5th, 2003


In the Doldrums...

Another day of disgraceful underachievement. I googled "give me stuff", still musing on how that savekaryn.com actually got this girl's giant credit card bill paid without her even webcamming herself naked, or anything. I bumbled onto this, which is quite likeable:
Dreading 'chatting'(i.e. listening-) to my mother later; maybe my excuse to open one of my last bottles o'vino . My back is worse than ever, and R said she's help me try and get Wotan to the vet tomorrow. God, how I don't need any of this... Enjoying reading a recent Stephen King doorstop: DREAMCATCHER. You gotta hand it to the guy. His stuff is often formulaic, but you get into it; he writes well. The 'voice' may be kinda low-middlebrow, but one doesn't feel insulted, as I can, by a lot of other 'popular' writers. Somehow, I respect King more; can't really put my finger on why.
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