January 4th, 2003


Porridge Project

No other food left. I think I'll have to buy bread and soup and some fruit, though. Only thing is going to the shops is tempting. MMMmmm...marinated tofu pieces....Perhaps I'll order a delivery. (I've got a receipt for a freebie-) Stock up on toilet paper,cat litter, etc. I managed to get by on under £50 this week. I was reading about this:http://www.savekaryn.com/ It seems it actually worked for this girl. Gee, that would be so great. Perhaps you have to be in the US, for such things to work, or young and cute, anyway. The market seems pretty flooded now, but I still would like to give pooroldsoul.com (or maybe savethelifeofmycat.com ) a try.Everyone who contributes £5 or over gets a genuine original artwork, or something. I haven't got anything anyone would want, to flog on ebay...I spent the afternoon writing irate letters to insurance people who make a habit of 'not receiving ' my claim, although it's sent regularly, return address on the envelope and all. It makes life so much more difficult, and my overdraft even more disastrous. Sods...While I railed, I listened to the first ep of HIS DARK MATERIALS Hm, think I like.
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    Leon Rusell: MANDOLIN WIND