December 28th, 2002


Mumble,Grumble....And Furthermore...

A friend stopped round for a bit, offering me an excuse to start drinking at noon. Now I don't feel too bright. Not even being pissed helps my bloody condition, dammit. This is no good. Perhaps Renate will help me with the cat...(Hear my mother's voice internally - 'Never be beholden to anyonyone...' Now, she's 'beholden' to numerous neighbours who often feed her, and check in to see if she's carked it yet...)I guess what you dread most invariably happens in the end.
After managing to fall asleep during the engaging thriller (NO NIGHT IS TOO LONG) with all those pretty young men running around being naked and naughty, I tried to look at this (satirical?) documentary about the possible Diaries of Jack The Ripper. As Michael Winner was narrating, with an added voiceover that sounded a lot like Tom Baker, I thought it must be a joke. There were also a lot of extremely odd-looking homicide-expert boffin types, all unknown to me, who looked very Royston Vasey...but Colin Wilson, who is real, was there, too. Anyway, according to these manuscripts, Jack used to slice up some poor soul and then go home and write things like "HA HA HA!" in his 'secret diary.' Then I fell asleep again, and never decided if the whole thing was intended to be 'serious' or not. Had a dream that 'Pat Evans' from EASTENDERS, earrings ajangle, walked over to me, extending a welcoming hand, evidently very glad to see me. We were in a school playground with lots of people milling about. Then, she looked closely at me, and backed off, doing that cat's-arse thing she does with her mouth, when vexed. I thought Uh-oh, woke up, and went to bed.
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