November 25th, 2002


Mictlantecuhtli Looming...,8542,834118,00.html

Like 'Cheryl Plankton', I find myself feeling surrounded by death and disintegration. I actually would not be surprised if I died soon.
Moi, morbid? perish the thought...It's very strange, though. Of course, I am getting on a bit, health problems escalating, no financial resoursces at all, broken chair, fridge and pc on the blink, all irreplaceable... Like the Dansker in BILLY BUDD, ' I look around and sense - finality, here.' Can't say I'm too keen.
Saw a very interesting interview with the lovely Leonard Cohen, who, not that long ago, ended a stint as a Buddhist monk. He's still sexy and funny, and, it must be said, appears to be adapting extremely well to being 'over the hill'; quite relishing being a bit less driven by the fame and sex spurs...( Of course, he's had more of both than most of us poor sods.) He also acknowledged that he was in that 'grace' period of elderhood, before yer bod starts to seriously fall messing and owie-ing into oblivion. Good on him, anyhow. He's still so cool.
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