August 7th, 2002


Frighteningly Moronic Yoof of Today...

Saw two documentaries last night (yes, my tragic life consists largely of TV-gawping-)that really made me despair. One featured a bunch of idiot children getting VD/knocked up or both, two veryyoung looking 14-year-olds obsessing about losing their virginity together,etc.
A gang of boys were all roped into having an STD test. (It's interesting to see kids are still traumatising each other with tales of 'the umbrella test', the agonising gorefest that is the first shag, for girls, etc...)Anyway, one lad solemnly declared "My dad says that AIDS started with people shagging monkeys, but I don't believe it-that's justtoo sick...Uh, apologies to anybody who does that, but really..." Ah, youth is sooo wasted on the young, you gotta admit it... The other show was all about two best friend girlies,'man-hungry' to the max, with evidently no interests whatever, barring clubbing, copping off with whoever, and then grizzling when the boys don't want commitment. The 'pretty' one, of course, bagged a lad for a while, and her mate was all whingy and needy and wet. God,these little dweebs are like something from ALLY MCBEAL, it's hard to believe they're for real.What is the matter with them? Mumble, grumble...
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