July 27th, 2002


Absolute Hell

Definitely the hottest day of the summer to date. Christ...I finally managed to order the DVD/TV combo at sale price from Argos, anyway. Yeh!
Feeling a bit bereft without BIG BROTHER to help me waste time, but it's too hot to perch in the glasshouse of the sitting room, anyway. These flats seem to be designed for maximum discomfort. Anyway, I'm pleased that a woman won it, although not a particular Kate fan. (She was amusing when pissed, though.) Just think, Jade is set to be a millionaire! What horrors will she perpetrate? JOHNNY DEPP wanted 'that poor girl' to win, because she was so abused by the press. Jade didn't mind being pitied by him, and was ecstatic that he'd seen and noted her. Shamefully, I suppose I would have been, too...
God, will I make it to Conway Hall tomorrow? I bet it's gonna be even more humid. I should go, I know...
The splendidly raunchy, ultra-violent and OTT OZ begins showing new episodes at last on ch.4 UK Tuesday night. I'm really gonna miss Adebisi, though.
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