July 22nd, 2002


Leigh Bowery

I went to the Portrait Award show at the NPG; as usual, some interesting stuff, and a lot of kack.Dull stuff, as usual, took the prizes. A couple of the entries were so bad, I really could do better. Check out "Windows of the Soul", a crude painting of a bloke in a jumper with stuffed-animal eyes pasted on! Also, an outstandingly hideous self-portrait by a girl who has never exhibited before and is "between school and college"; she must be fucking someone on the board.
Then I mooched along to the ICA, where I saw those photos of Leigh Bowery in various 'looks', some of which are truly frightening.
A friend of mine was present when LB did one of his infamous enema routines; he (LB) sprayed a volley of steaming ordure over screaming spectators (was this at the Fridge?) sending quite a few stampeding into the night...NOT nice, but you gotta give the guy credit.
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