July 15th, 2002


Watching the Days Go By...

Accomplishing bloody nothing.
Took those AOl 'Which Cat/Dog Are You?' tests again. They're stupid. All AOL quizzes are particularly stupid...When I saw that I was a 'Norwegian Forest Cat' I remembered I'd done it before. And I still think there is no such animal...If I were a dog I'd be a Jack Russell. I can deal with that.
Had a dreary ruck with my mother on the phone last night. Why does she insist on these long, fraught conversations every week? I'm sure she hates us as much as we hate her...Yuck, it's horrible.
Bassett's 'Refresher' ice lollies are very nice indeed, and frequently on '2 for 1' at the local supermarkets.
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    Talking Heads:SAND IN THE VASELENE