June 11th, 2002


Attack of the Alien Rod-Things!!!

Saw one of those UFO 'documentaries' with the overly-solemn-voiced narrators, on SKY last night. People keep photographing these lame flying bars that look a bit like the 'Millennium Bug' logo, and I had a sudden attack of Proustian willies...When I was quite small, I saw an ancient B film on TV, THE FEATHERED SERPENT in which Quetzacoatl was depicted as a stick-thing with spikes, blurrily flying around desert landscapes on the way to kill people. At the time, I found it awesomely alarming, and for a few moments it all came back to me, watching this dumb show... Ahhhhh! Flying sticks!
I'm having trouble producing anything creative, as usual, and feel desperate. If I'm bound to be forced back into some slavejob soon, how will I ever produce anything again? Babble, fret.... Me hungry now, vegetarian hot dog time.
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