May 18th, 2002


Owwww! Waugh!....

I cut my finger with one of the linocut blades. When the instructor lent them out , she emphasised great care to be taken, always aim them away from you, etc. I thought 'Har, as if I'd be stupid enough to cut myself-' It's only a nick, but it bled a lot, is now v. sore, and I've probably got blood poisoning or some terrifying disease from it as well.
Went to a 'taster' lecture at the City Lit yesterday, about art & archtecture of the Indian Subcontinent;lots of slides of exotic dreamlike buildings and monuments wich were quite unfamiliar to me. The bloke, who had travelled widely and taken the shots himself, had a lot to say, but it was still hot, the room got very stuffy and people were getting drowsy...I kept nodding off into extremely rumbustious rude dreams-God, what if I was making sex noises or something? (The old geezer in front of me did that head-nodding-nodding-suddenly SNAP-awake! riff, and knocked his stuff off the desk noisily.)Must have been a bit demoralising for the lecturer, but it was dark, so maybe he didn't notice all the sleepers. There were lots of people there,considering the weather-about 35 or so. Some of the other people from the writing group went to 'an introduction to head massage'. Wonder how they fared?
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...And my STAR WARS name is 'Kenle Lethe'!(not bad, actually-) I just watched a really dumb film called SACRED FLESH, which concerned a lot of sex-starved nuns performing various 'sinful' acts. Odd thing was they all had French manicures, silicone tits, vamp-red lippy and false eyelashes. (I'm not familiar with that order...) It really sucked, too, and I sat there watching it out of sheer fecklessness, which makes me a fool</>...