May 10th, 2002


Weary, Weary...

Started fooling around with the linocut gear I borrowed from the City Lit studio. Over-enthusiastically, I cut right through the lino. D'Oh! It's fun, though; coming along OK-ish. It's either a sun in splenour of a Green Man...I GOT MY FOETID OLD JACKET BACK! Some kind soul had actually picked it up (with a stick, probably; it's mingin-) and neatly hung it on a hook. I poodled over to Neal St after a rather stressful writing group session, {-I find it difficult to TALK about writing, and feel a tit when people praise me, even though I can't even finish most of the -supposedly brill- stuff I start-)to pick up some Chinese ink, and... Neal Street East has shut down!!! There's going to be a shoe shop or some boring bollocks there. I don't think they even had a closing down sale or anything. I was there about six weeks ago, at most, and there was no sign of anything going on. London is really going to hell on wheels. No character any more, Covent Garden (and everywhere else) full of dreary chain stores, etc...Ohhhh, it's made me very,very tired and grumpy.
Oh, btw, I find it curious that Spike is allowed to say "wankers" all the time in BUFFY; surely a bit rude for a kid's show, even a bloodthirsty one... Of course, I suppose the audience is mostly camp adults like moi. I do feel terribly sorry for Spike. God,I'm getting so sentimental...
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