February 25th, 2002


Oh God, I'm So Hungry...

Desperately trying,yes, yet again, to lose weight-I got a note from the hospital saying that my next meeting with a surgeon is 22 August-first, I was told July, then got mistakenly summoned a few weeks back,etc. If this one is true, I could still lose about 3 stoneby then, if I could just go on the bloody liquid diet...If...I feel sick and headachey already, though.
I'm trying to write my assignment too, and feel useless to do anything but mong in front of the telly.
SOUTH PARK actually scared me a bit, the other night...Cartman takes terrible revenge on an older boy;very TITUS ANDRONICUS, and Kenny perished from over-hysterical laughter. I've been using the subtitles, and it's really annoying how poor they are. I could do with a job like transcribing SIMPSONS scripts...It's really very lame, calling Nelson's famous "HaaHa!" a "cackle!"and such...They can be interesting in some ways, though-like I didn't realise that the tune the Tiwanese mouse sings in the Aero advert is called "Chinese Love Song"-
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    "Prince Charming" ; poor old Adam & the Ants