February 2nd, 2002


This is I, Hamlet the Dane...

My latest wanky test sez:
Ow! I can't paste it! What's happening? ...Anyway, 'my' Great Book is HAMLET. Way cool;I made his acquaintace via Classics Illustrated Comics at about 4, and have always had a lot of time for him.
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    "Mr. Postman"(Make it STOP!)

Lord of the Rings on R4

God, it sucks. I still expect to enjoy the film for some reason.I have just discovered a truly grotesque site, www.uncelebrity.com where people write about what they'd like to do to/with various peeps in the public eye. Jeezus! I hope some of them are just being ironic! Mind you, tying a rope around William Shatner's neck, attaching the other end to a car and driving away at high speed...yeh,that makes sense.And I'd also like to spend some time smoking dope and watching Brando films with Johnny Depp- Some of the fantasies are 'orribly violent, though, expecially the stuff that's done to women, (sigh...)AND poor Tinky Winky -Bastards!