December 30th, 2001


Haunted by Crap Song

It's three days now I've been tormented by this one-a cheesy top 40 tune from way back in my pre-pubescent past. It may have the dopiest lyrics ever...
Her name was Sue-Yeah! (-or possbily Sylvia...)
His name was Earl.
His love was Lorraine;
(She's a wonderful girl.)
Now they must cry, cry-i, cry- Wooh Oh Ohh...
Their blues away.
I wonder if it's a symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder that I get these insistent song snatches rolling round my brain all the time?
I'm proud of myself 'cos I went to the launderette and bloody well did the boring task myself, instead of paying too much for a service wash. Ain't I good?
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    It's called "My True Story"