December 18th, 2001


Extortionate Stuff...

£13.18 for a pissing black ink cartridge refill thingie, and that's from ASDA. I must write some fiction to-day. Yup. Had a dream that "Trevor" out of EASTENDERS was after me with a sort of glass hammer. Nasty. That's an excellent psychokiller performance,btw, really reminds me of the bloke who used to harass me at work. (He threatened me with a doorstop once!) I really shoulda sued the company for not doing something about that. I ain't been the same since. Grumble...My sister sent me another lil' statue for Christmas. This one's "Red Tara",who 's supposed to guide me to victory. Wish someone would. Have to admit that South American shaman thing is scaring me a bit.His toothy bugeyed expression makes me uneasy-not to mention that he's half-shapeshifted into God knows what, with 4 legs...Makes the Aztec birthing goddess (she hasn't sent much creativity my way so far-) look quite prim & proper. I saw a scary little play on telly once about this rich ditzy woman who'd bought a hideous African fetish doll for her archaeologist boyfriend. Despite being warned, she let the chain fall off its ankle and it started running around chucking its lil' spear at her and making scary noises. I think she finally got it in the oven, like "Chucky" but it flew out at her.I don't remember, but I think it may have 'got' her, in the end...Mr Shaman has something of that quality, but no, he's really here to inspire my spirituality and creativity. No more negative thoughts! Excelsior!
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