December 17th, 2001


I Feel Weird

Perhaps I need to go on a health kick. I really don't eat properly, subsiding mostly on cereal and cheap noodles, with the occasional sweetie binge. I might be able to get healthier grub equally cheaply, if I put some effort into it, of course...
I'm only just beginning to realise how crippling depression has been in my life. For all my supposed talents and high intelligenge, I've had to spend my adulthood as a slave-labourer,and now a destitute benefit 'scrounger'.
No medication or therapy has helped, so far. I guess I have to live as fully as possible around my 'madness'.It sucks, though, when there's so much to be done, potentially, even now. Bugger-
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Well, I Must Admit...

You are probably a...

Nosferatu 55 %
Your dark outlook and dislike of society marks you out as a Nosferatu. Hideously deformed by the Embrace these Kindred hide in sewers and catacombs, away from humans and other vampires alike. They are eavesdropers and sneaks extraordinaire, and always know exactly what is going on.
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