December 9th, 2001


Stupid Test Scores, etc.

Results of "The Test"
Are you a loner?

Your score = 80

No surprises here...I also took the 'sex change' for both male & female, and it seems I'm very androgynous. Cool,; knew that, too. Funny how compulsive even the jokey, obvious 'tests' can be'''especially when you've got urgent stuff to be attending to, if you could only concentrate...

What does your score mean?
Some people would call you independent, others might say you're anti-social. You don't go out of your way to be with people, and actually prefer your own company to that of others! This may not pose any problems if you truly enjoy leading an isolated life, but you could be missing out on some great experiences and meaningful relationships. Give yourself a little nudge occasionally to spend some quality time with others, and you'll probably discover you like it more than you expected. Independence can be a real virtue, but humans are social animals. Don't deny that part of yourself that craves human contact!
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