November 17th, 2001



So sleepy;and sleep is such a pleasure to me nowadays; gotta be unwholesome.
Visited the re-vamped ROH yesterday for coffee with a friend...I've been too timid to go in alone, although it's been open to the public for over a year.It's nice, actually, not nearly as forbidding as it used to be, in there.
I've been deprived of one of my favourite addictions for a while. OZ finished on E4 last night,with a real corker. No more Adebisi!?! Surely his ghost has to come back, or something. Not fair!
I'd better get dressed and shamble out for the papers before I drift back into unconsciousness while sitting here! Wonder if I could have some weird disease;sleeping sickness-type thing?
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    R4: 'Home Truths'