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There is something amiss in my sleep pattern, lately.  I keep waking up in the middle of the night, and have great trouble dropping off again.  Result:  am starting to get into the habit of stinking in my pit until nearly eight AM, which messes me up. I am then even more weird, crabby and dozy than usual, all day. If  I conk out in the late afternoon, as I constanly  want to, it makes things even worse.  Oy...

Extremely hectic dreams, too, although I can't remember much,except being involved in lots of exhausting complications... I did  have a cameo 'visit' from Mr Dickon Edwards dickonedwards  this week, believe it or not . I was in an emptyish flat examining the rather impressive laminate flooring, and he walked in to look at a large red velvet(?)  sofa, which was evidently for sale...

So farewell, then, Kitten. It was, of course, inevitable, but BB will certainly be a rather less compulsive car crash without her. It is horribly facinating watching the sinister Dan 'groom' gormless  lummox Jason.  (Very python-and-bunnyish.)


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