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Alice Neel Exhibit...

Got totally lost trying to find the place, in the back streets of the City. Profoundly flustered,  ended up getting a taxi so the excursion wouldn't be entirely wasted. I know I couldn't afford that... London can kill, as Mr Ackroyd says. It certainly can make you demented.

The show was disappointingly small, too, but I'm a fan of Alice Neel from way back, and you don't see her stuff very often, although the famous phallic portrait of Joe Gould, and one or two others, are now in Tate Modern.

Joe Gould is a  whole other great loony story... I read "Joe Gould's Secret" in the New Yorker  when I  was in High School, became obsessed with him, and thus discovered Neel.  There was a film made about them all  a few years ago, but I don't know if it was ever released here. I've never managed to see it yet, anyway. Ah, I love those  crazy old-time bohos. I really missed my time, I  think...


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