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I was watching that Derren Brown's Seance on Ch 4, last night, and got as far as the bit where the  lights were out... so I went to sleep... It had been fairly obvious to me all  along, that the Great Bleachdrinking  Massacre of '73 was a compete invention. but I picked up 'Jane', 'G7', (which had been blatantly given away, earlier-) and Jane's childhood friend 'Lucy', and was kinda interested to see how that was worked. It also amused me, that while the whole thing was openly not  a genuine 'psychic' event, all these people were phoning in to say they saw their dead granny, and the wardrobe was levitating, etc. If anyone watched to the end,will you fill me in?

I ended up channeling a WW1 Scottish soldier in a seance ,once, (I'm ultra-easily hypnotised,etc...) and the table did rise, stuff flew around,etc. and everyone was scare, especially me. It was a tense experience, whatever caused it, and not the only one I've had, like that. Although I rather doubt actual ghosts are hanging around  ready to 'possess' credulous students, I think that something often happens at these gigs, and wonder what it is. Must do a comic some time, about my trip to the trenches..


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