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Half-heard a good news story on HOME TRUTHS this morning. God evidently told some man to crucify himself. He complied, promptly had one hand nailed to the crossbar, then ...D'Oh!
Wotan is pretty peeved about his dried tapioca/fish regime. He liked it well enough,for starters, but now he wants his usual 'Sheba' chicken and asparagus gourmet stuff that probably gave him IBS in the first place, and he wants it sharpish. Stoopid animals...
BIG BROTHER honestly looks intriguing...They have collected a truly jawdropping array of people it would be really very, very difficult to be banged up with, and stuck them in a smaller house. There actually could be bloodshed (Of course, they'd have to stop it, then; bah...) They've got the screamingest queen EVAH!, for starters. I mean extremely shrill...not to mention the widenecked golem-who-thinks-he's-a-stud, chippy ghetto-attitude boy, world-weary asylum seeker, Latin spitfire tranny, highly febrile, mouthy lesbian activist; (not sure if she's love or loathe material, yet), AND the very 'nice' blonde home counties gel, who will either be killed and eaten immediately, or set about whipping the lower orders into shape. Honestly, it could be riveteting stuff, surprised as I am to say so...We'll see-
And a jolly holiday weekend to all those comiconvening in Bristol-

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