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Cat Crap Angst...

Wotan seems to have lost a little weight, which 'worries' the vet. That and the occasional bloody/cowfloppy stools indicate IBS. He has to go on a special diet, eating nothing  but this dry tapioca/fish concoction that costs a bloody fortune. ( Did someone say overdraft?) This is gonna be fun...Oh well, touch wood, if it is IBS, that's better than a lot of other things...He also had his nails trimmed; much squirming and hissing. Bus journey both ways unbearable; jampacked although off-time, three bloody pushchair broodmares nonchalantly getting on en masse, others standing clogging the aisle just for the sake of it, and pushing when there's no bloody place for the pushed to go to. I'd fecking move away from youse  if I could, y'know. Sodding humanity...

Eeee, glad that's done until the next time. They were giving away a giant sack of small animal bedding which someone had donated, so I tipped Renate off, and she's copped it. Yeh! 

There really seems to be an unusual lot of polis -siren activity this week. God knows, it's always busy enough.


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