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Black Dog Blues...

Can't really think of much to say, at the moment. Everything looks pretty weary,flat, stale & unprofitable... except for the things that are stressing me!

I did a great big long meme,yesterday,and tried to put it behind a cut, which caused all the 'rich text' to vanish, and then I managed to delete the whole thing. Serves me right for succumbing to te bloody stupid things.  Oh yeah,and the Famous Homosexual  I am is Cary Grant. I don't know if Mr G could actually be   'classified 'as such, Randolph Scott et al  notwithstanding. Personally, I just assume all movie stars must be Bi. After all, if you were constantly  having all sorts of young flesh just leaping at you, you'd be a pretty dull character  if you didn't sample everything...

Managed to do some more tidying-up, as I've got a houseguest coming soon. The place is a dump, though, no getting away from it. Sooooo shabby, no shower, peeling ceilings,etc.etc.  Sigh... Did a litle drawing, too, but it sucks.

 Got a bank statement which was so terrifying there's just no point in worrying. I can't do jack about it. I guess I'd just better hope I die soon!

Gotta take Wotan to the vet for his checkup Friday. (MORE money... and there's blood in his shit, again.

Oh dear, poor meeeeee....


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